The Role of a NAIFA Advisor


NAIFA members work with their clients through every stage of their lives, educating them about retirement options that will lead to a secure future and a retirement they will enjoy

Provide Affordable Advice

NAIFA members are uniquely positioned to deliver affordable access and financial advice to those who need it the most

Ethical Business Practices

NAIFA members adhere to a code of ethics that’s about honesty and integrity

Value of a NAIFA Financial Advisor

Retirement savers who sought investing advice through their 401(k) plan enjoyed a median annual return almost 3 percent higher than those who did not
People with financial plans accumulate 250 percent more retirement savings than those without plans
Financial professionals help consumers earn 1.6 percent in additional returns, which over time leads to 23 percent more income in retirement

NAIFA Members

Help Families and Businesses Secure a Financial Future

  • NAIFAmembers_0000_Chalisa

    We help protect families from the catastrophic effects of an untimely death by using life insurance, and we help them save for retirement. Many things inspire me as I work with my clients–seeing the fruits of my work through the eyes of a widow when I deliver a death claim check, observing the smile on a retiree’s face when I tell him how much he has saved for retirement, or rejoicing in a family’s happiness as they find out that their loved ones will be taken care of in a nursing home. The work I do gives me the utmost satisfaction because I know that I am making a difference in many people’s lives.

    — Aamir Chalisa, MBA, LUTCF —
  • NAIFAmembers_0001_Quinones

    Sixty percent of my clients are Latino, and many of them consider me part of their family. I work with small-business owners, women, and Baby Boomers focused on estate planning and retirement. I devote my career to educating my community about the financial tools that already exist, which makes it easier for them to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. The best way to provide financial-education assistance is through the workshops I deliver to my clients and friends. Knowing that I make a difference and getting feedback from my clients are inspiring to me. My clients, family, and friends are my inspiration.

    — Irma Ines Quinones, CLTC, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF —
  • NAIFAmembers_0003_Joyce

    As Managing Director of the South Florida Financial Group of Prudential, I’m proud of the work we do to help our clients achieve a more secure financial future. We strive to establish meaningful relationships with our clients and work together to uncover financial concerns and opportunities, and develop a plan to help them achieve their goals. We educate, give advice, and offer financial guidance and a broad range of solutions. And we strive to represent and serve our local communities.  I’m incredibly proud of our financial professionals for always putting their clients first and doing business the right way.

    — Delvin Joyce, CLU, ChFC —
  • NAIFAmembers_0002_Alford

    Our firm provides various financial services, including retirement planning, life, health, income, investment advisory services, and business succession planning. I want my clients to talk to me about anything that is related to their finances. I have an accountant and an estate-planning attorney housed in my office space so that my clients’ needs can be taken care of in one office. I was given the gift of being able to communicate with people and create relationships. I am truly grateful for this gift and see it as my responsibility to use it.

    — Jennifer Alford —
  • NAIFAmembers_0004_Trotter

    I provide my clients with a wide range of financial services, including financial, retirement and estate planning. Many aspects of my work are inspiring to me. One, I am inspired when I see my clients achieve financial security and help them see beyond the walls of doubt and despair. Two, I am inspired by the millions of dollars of life insurance I have delivered to widows and families. And three, I am inspired by my customers who are receiving retirement income from the products I have recommended. This shows I have made a difference in the lives of those who live in my community.

    — Ike Trotter, CLU, CASL, ChFC —

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Did You Know?

Studies show American households are critically unprepared for retirement.


45% of workers have no
retirement savings at all


84% of Americans say saving enough
for a “traditional retirement” is unrealistic


22% of workers are “very confident” they will have enough money in retirement


What clients say:

Juli is my trusted financial advisor. She has helped me understand more about insurance, retirement planning and investing than I ever would have had time to learn and implement on my own. Working with Juli allows me to focus on what I do best: seeing my patients and running my business.

— Dr. Jennifer Knoll, dentist and client of NAIFA Financial Advisor Juli McNeely, CFP, CLU, LUTCF —
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